120W LED Aquarium Lighting
120W LED Aquarium Lighting for the marine aquaculture growings.

120W LED Aquarium Lighting:

*** 90W Automatic LED aquarium lights on marine fishes and corals.

*** LED Seawater fish marine aquaculture fish & corals grow lights.

*** Product Sizes: 1250 X 185 X 130mm

>> This LED smartLighting can be set to create sunshine and demo sunrise to sunset in automatic daytime working to meet and supply the effective sunlights for marine aquaculture fishs & corals and any other seawater organisms ;

>> Manual setting is also available to meet the special needs on the growing of seawater organisms,esp. on the Seawater fishs / marine aquaculture fishs & corals ( coral reef ).

>> The models of Manual Set / Automatic Set :

>>  LCD displays;

>>  Button K1 / K2 / K3 / K4 for Manual Set ;

>>  CPU Programmed.

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